Sunday, October 23, 2011


This post is a little late but here it is! Last weekend I went to the amazing city of Barcelona with Bret and we met up with Kelsey and some of her friends and hung out in this city.

La Boqueria

La Catedral

View from Parc Güell

Parc Güell

Cute pic of Kels

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Arc de Triomf

Fountain Show

Another shot of the water at the fountain show

Barca was a much bigger city than Granada is so it was much easier to find things to do. We were definitely busy the whole time we were there. We went to the beach a couple times, la boqueria which is a giant open air market with lots of really good food, saw a bunch of things by the architect Gaudi who has had a huge influence on the city (designed Parc Güell and Sagrada Familia), walked around this huge park in the middle of the city which was close to the Arc de Triomf, and later that night went to the fountain show which was really close to the olympic stadium in Barca.  It was a really jam-packed weekend but I feel like I really got a feel for the city and felt like I could navigate it (and its public transportation) pretty well by the end of the weekend. Plus it was really fun to hang out with Kels and her friends as well as Bret.  Although Barca had a ton of stuff to do and was probably on the whole more  of a city in every way than Granada, I was definitely happy to return on Sunday. It's nice that the more time I spend here the more I start to think of Granada as my home base and it's becoming more and more like home (although still nowhere close to how much I love socal and Berkeley).

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  1. This is just how Bob and I feel when we come back to Evanston after being in Chicago.