Saturday, November 5, 2011


We had a long weekend over Halloween so some of us decided to visit Madrid considering we hadn't had the chance to see it yet. Plus it worked out in our favor that a friend offered for us to stay in his apartment and it's only a bus ride away. It was a ton of fun all in all.

(downtown Madrid)

(paintings from the Museum of Sofia Reina)

(lake in the middle of Retiro Park)

(more of Retiro Park)

It was a really fun weekend in Madrid. Really busy but really fun. We went one of the museums which had a lot of more modern art but was really really cool. They had a lot of pieces by Dali and Picasso including Guernica which is one of my favorite paintings. It took up an entire wall and was really impressive but we weren't allowed to take pictures of it for obvious reasons.  We also did a lot of walking around and saw a ton of the city and checked out some of the different neighborhoods.  Retiro Park was one of my favorite things we did. We bought some food and had a picnic in the park which was a lot of fun and the park was huge. We were lucky because Anthony (who was hosting us) knew a ton about the city and showed us around to a lot of things we probably wouldn't have known about without him.  One night he showed us a little cafe where they had a ton of board games so we drank coffee and played trivial pursuit which was pretty fun.  Madrid was definitely a big city, much more so than Granada and even seemed more so than Barcelona. I'm really glad I got to visit and I definitely would like to go back again if I have the chance but that being said I don't think I could see myself living there. It seemed too much like every other really big city, a ton to do but kind of overwhelming. It was nice to return to Granada and realize that it feels more and more like a home for me the longer I stay here.

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