Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Londres, part two

After Scotland, we took a short ride down to London and stayed with Kels for a few days before heading back to Granada.

(Parliament and Big Ben)

(London Eye)

(trafalgar square)

(Christmas tree donated by Norway in trafalgar square)

St. James Park

(Buckingham Palace)

(MI6, where Bond works)

London was really cool as well. It was great to get to explore more of the city and have Kelsey show us around. While we were there we spent one day walking all around the city seeing all the touristy things but it was still a lot of fun to explore.  Also while we were there Kelsey showed us this pub basically dedicated to Winston Churchill with a cool Thai restaurant in the back. We walked through Kensington Gardens on the way there which was fun to see in the fall.  We also went to Borough Market which was a little outside market that sold lots of organic food like cheese and meats; it was fun to walk around and try free samples of different things. I think my favorite thing we did was go to Winter Wonderland. I forgot my camera that night but it was incredible. Hyde Park is filled with a Christmas fair with a market and carnival rides and fried foods, it was great to walk through everything and get in the holiday spirit. I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun it will be to show Kelsey around Granada later this month when she comes to Spain.

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