Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Escocia (Scotland)!

November was definitely my hard month for school but as soon as I finished that nonsense I got to start December which is definitely my easiest month for school. We had a break in the very beginning so Bret and I went to Scotland to meet up with Kelsey, we met in Glasgow and spent most of our time in Edinburgh. After that we went to London for a few days before coming back to Granada. It was a good start to a month that should be a lot of fun with my family and Kelsey visiting later on.
Here's some pictures from Glasgow:

(downtown looking all Christmas-y)

(there wasn't much to do there, but this is the world's tallest movie theater that we went to)

Pictures from Edinburgh:

(view of Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat, the mountain in the back that we hikd later on)

(Castle Rock- named because it's a castle on a rock haha)

(view of downtown Edinburgh)

(Bret and Kels in front of the world's largest whiskey collection!)

(view of Arthur's Seat on the hike up)

(view from the top)

Scotland was amazing! I think it was my favorite place I've been so far while I've been in Europe.  Glasgow was a little slow and not super exciting in my opinion but Edinburgh was one of the coolest cities I've seen.  We could walk practically anywhere and there was so much history everywhere you looked. The only downside was how cold it was there, but we sort of got used to that as we were there longer. We did a lot while we were there. We visited the Castle which was really cool, plus we saw the 1 o'clock gun where they fire a cannon at 1 pm every day (it used to be used as a way of telling the sailors what time it was), went on a Scotch Whiskey Experience Tour which was both ridiculous and awesome, got a tour of the underground network of streets that exists intact underneath Edinburgh because it was built over later on, ate some great food including Haggis (sheep's intestine) and neeps (mashed turnips) at some really cool pubs, and went to the Christmas market in town.  My favorite thing we did was definitely hiking Arthur's Seat though. It was a completely ridiculous experience. My shoes had absolutely no traction so as we walked higher up it became snowier and icier til it got to the point where I couldn't move whithout sliding backwards. So for the rest of the hike I wore one of Bret's shoes and completed the hike to a great view of the whole city and the bay. I really loved Edinburgh but I think a huge part of it was hanging out with Kelsey and Bret again.

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