Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catedral en Granada!

This weekend I got the chance to visit the Cathedral in Granada, one of the coolest landmarks of the city because it's so amazing and beautiful and old (built in the 16th century).  It was definitely an amazing trip. I was blown away by the sheer grandeur of the building, just thinking about how many men and how much money it must have taken to build something like this.  The history of the building was crazy as well. We had an art history professor lead us through a tour so she definitely knew exactly what she was talking about. Such a huge part of the city is the struggle between the former Muslim rulers and the conquest of Granada by the Catholics.  Granada was actually the last region to be re-conquered by the Christians.  The whole Cathedral had this theme in it of victory and conquest as everything was a symbol of their triumph over the Muslims.  It was all very interesting and made me happy about why I chose to come to this city, for its rich history.  Despite all of the awesomeness of this building, it got me really excited to go see the Alhambra on Friday and see some of the creations of the Moors.  I'm really pumped to be in a place where you can so clearly see the history and the stories that happened 100s of years before.  I love how they just build around these ancient buildings and you can just walk among them, noticing modern skyscrapers next to grandiose cathedrals.

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  1. Magnificent photos! I can see how fascinating this would be, to have a blend of the old and the new in one city.